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Aired: June 15, 1991
Match Results: Barry Windham d. Greg Sawyer... Steiner Brothers d. Chuck Coates & Jim Boss... P.N. News d. Hacksaw Higgins...Dustin Rhodes d. Tim Frye...Dan Spivey d. Jamie McKinnon...Sting & Brian Pillman d. El Gigante' & Tommy Rich...Ric Flair d. Johnny Meadows

Ric Flair defeated Johnny Meadows via figure four leglock submission. This was a classic Ric Flair match, and if it does prove to be his final singles match on this show, it was a decent note to leave on. It certainly beats teaming up with the One Man Gang in an eight man tag. Show closed as this match ended, with Flair continuing to attack Meadows after the match.
Aired: July 6, 1991
Match Results: Steve Astin d. Ian Westin...P.N. News d. Tommy Star...Nikita Koloff d. Johnny Meadows...Barry Windham d. Kerry Booth

A USA chant breaks out as Johnny Meadows gets a quick headlock on Nikita Koloff. After several successful offensive manuevers by Meadows, the big Lithuanian (Koloff) fights back with a flying shoulder block. Meadows is thrown to the outside and Koloff repeatedly slams his head into the ring apron. Back inside, Meadows falls to a reverse elsbow and a body slam. Two Russian Sickles later, Nikita gets the pinfall. Post match Koloff chokes Meadows out with the chain, with the camera getting in real close for the shot (yet on Sunday WWE edited out Gail Kim choking Trish Stratus) - Now which would you say was the worse of the two?
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Aired: August 17, 1991
Match Results: Young Pistols d. Rip Rogers & Sam Cody...Sting d. arley Watkins...Johnny Meadows d. Stunning Steve Austin by count-out...Ron Simmons d. Morgis...Nikita Koloff d. Bobby Starr...Bobby Eaton & Big Josh d. Arn Anderson & Larry Zbysko

THE BIG NEWS - Johnny B. add turned face by costing Stunning Steve Austin his match against Johnny Meadows, then engaged in a brawl around the ringside area with Austin...

Show stars: Robert Eaton (Bobby Eaton), Ron Simmons (Himself), Terri Runnels (Alexandra York), John Condrone (Johnny Meadows), James Ross (Jim Ross), Christopher Irvine (Chris Jericho), Jeff Jarrett (Himself), Brian Adams, (Himself), Steve Borden (Sting), Chris Harris (Himself), Richard Morgan Fliehr (Ric Flair), Bill Goldberg (Himself), Bobby Heenan (Himself), Sid Eudy (Sid Vicious), Martin Lunde (Arn Anderson), Darren Matthews (Lord Steven Regal), Larry Pfohl (Lex Luger), Ricky Morton (Richard Morton), Glen Gilbertti (Disco Inferno), Pete Gruner (Billy Kidman), Brad James (Brad Armstrong), Mick Foley (Cactus Jack), Paul Neu (P.N. News), Scott Hall (Diamond Studd), Gordon Solie (Himself)

This week's (1991)
WCW Top 10 Rankings:

10) Beautiful Bobby Eaton 
(220 lbs. Huntsville, Alabama)

9) Johnny Meadows
(225 lbs. Miami, Florida)

8) The Diamond Studd
(298 lbs. Florida)

7) Johnny B. Badd
(232 lbs. Macon, Georgia)

6) El Gigante'
(454 lbs. Argentina)

5) Stunning Steve Austin
(258 lbs. Hollywood, California)

4) Sting
(251 lbs. Venice Beach, California)

3) Nikita Koloff
(123 kilos Lithuania

2) Ron Simmons
(275 lbs. Warner Robins, Georgia)

1) Barry Windham
(278 lbs. Sweetwater, Texas)

***Lex Luger - WCW World Champion
(292 lbs. Chicago, Illinois)

John Condrone as Johnny Meadows
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