John Condrone - Pro Wrestler
The Career
     John Condrone began his professional wrestling career in 1979 against Larry Cheatham in Chattanooga, Tn. Trained by famed wrestler, Rick Conners, Condrone went under the stage name of Johnny Meadows (the name taken by his "carney" dad who wrestled as Al Meadows - taken from Meadowland, New Jersey since his father wouldn't let him fight). John came from the same training class as pro wrestlers Dirty White Boy Tony Anthony, White Lightning Tim Horner, Joey Cazana and Chris Powers.
     As Johnny Meadows, he began wrestling for Southeastern Championship Wrestling taking on such noteables as The Mongolian Stomper, Big John Studd, Blackjack Mulligan, Terry Taylor, Kevin Sullivan, Hector Guerrero, and Dick Murdoch. He had title matches against World Champions Ric Flair and "Crazy" Luke Graham. He held victories during this organization over Abdullah the Butcher, Stomper and many others.

     Johnny went on to extensive wrestling stints in Georgia Championship Wrestling, Mid-Atlantic, NWA, WWF, WWE, ECW, AWA, Smoky Mountain, Continental, Tennessee Mountain, AAWA and several other organizations. He eventually tag-teamed with such partners as Eddie Guerrero, Dirty White Boy, Bobo Brazil, "Nature Boy" Buddy Landell, Keith Hart, Kid Cash, Joey Cazana, Don Lucas, Jeff Anderson, Ricky Morton, Todd Morton, Jimmy Golden, "Eight Ball" Jones, and many others. Meadows held victories over The Headbangers, "Stunning" Steve Austin, Kid Cash, The Armstrongs, Tommy Rich, The Samoans, The Assassins, The Spoilers, Kamala the Ugandan Giant and many, many other wrestlers.

     John Condrone not only wrestled as Johnny Meadows but, was well known for several other wrestling characters including: The Paradise City Rockers (with Joey Cazana), The Dream Team (with Don Lucas), The Playboys, The Crusiers (with Terry Bronson), The Stingers (NWA/WCW henchmen for Ric Flair against Sting, Brian Pillman & others), The Red Rocker, The Italian Stallion, The Royal Emperor, The Shoguns (World Tag Champs), Shimoto, The Olympian, Mr. Olympia, The Conquistadors and Los Lobos.

     Condrone enjoyed a vast 17 year span as a professional wrestler and travelled extensively appearing in thousands of matches, television shows and pay-per-view events. He faced several World Champions including "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Golden, Terry Taylor, "White Lightning" Tim Horner, "Crazy" Luke Graham, Kevin Nash, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Steiner Brothers, Barry Windham, Diamond Studd, Cactus Jack (Mankind, Mic Foley), The Assassins, The Masked Spoilers, The Rock and Roll Express, The Armstrongs, The Fantastics, The Heavenly Bodies and The Midnight Express. He held the World Heavyweight Championship, Junior Heavyweight and Tag Team Championships on several occassions.

The Matches
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